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About Us

Cerebro is an Australian IT Boutique Consultancy based in Brisbane that consults with companies on software architecture, in particular around integration and software solutions. We are especially interested in the challenges of asynchronous concurrent software, web applications, mobile and the use of cloud.

We specialise on complex problems and offer services from inception through to delivering the solution. We relish in a challenge. We are passionate about the agile and lean approaches, seeding cultural change within organisations and applying what we have learnt to deploy maintainable, robust and scalable software into production on time and on budget.

Our Approach

We believe in Architecture to get the best value for your solution; Architecture does not need to be Onerous if applied in a Lean and Agile approach. The pragrammatic application of just in time architecture is the best way to ensure the best result. Incorporating ongoing architectural work as part of the development life cycle ensure the best fit and maximum ROI.

speedometerThrough Test Driven Development and Process Automation we can rapidly deliver robust business solutions. We believe in working smarter to enable the optimal solution. We are a polyglot development shop and focus on using the best tool for the problem at hand, we review the problem at hand and determine which tool best fits.